Season of Joy Catalog

Beirut Relief Shirt


 ©2024 Nicolas Filoseta

Flamingo Estate is a lifestyle brand based in Los Angeles that invokes the spirit of mother nature and emphasizes
the importance of gardening, and its simple yet abundant treasures. This new packaging pushes away from the
originally glass deco, in order to give their new bath and body lines a sleek and fresh feeling.

Creative Direction by Aaron Harvey

Art Direction by Nico Filoseta
Graphic Design by Nico Filoseta & Zak Nathanson

Fonts Used: Ortica Light, Maison Neue

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Música Folklórica is an ethnomusicology and design project created to help celebrate and educate people around the
history and sounds of Latin American folk music. With a lot of Through the use of print, fashion and archive the project
aims to give represenation and context around the identities within folk music. 

♫ Música Folklórica: de Argentina (Playlist here)♫

Art Direction 
Graphic Design
by Nico Filoseta

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Sambal Evie

Sambal Evie is a spicy-funky narrative about the story of Evita Moeldji (aka Brian’s Mom) and her
move from Medan, Indonesia to the sunny coast of Los Angeles. For the labels we wanted to
represent the idea of a tradition where sambal is eaten in its glory surrounded by a vast array of
colors and decorations, all placed on top of banana leaves, to unify our current homes with family.

Get Sambal Evie here! cashonly.fun/shop/sambaleviesauce

Produced by Cash Only

Project Managment by Amanda Lanza

Sambal Recipe by Amanda Lanza, Evita and Brian Moeldji,
Hiedi Ross, Nellie Nguyen & Sharon Brenner

Art Direction by Jourdan Simmonds and Nico Filoseta
Graphic Design by  Jourdan Simmonds and Nico Filoseta

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 “All In a Week” Cover

  Spotify Cover 


My cover for AIAW’s spotify playlist. A collective of designers from all around, who come together to shar music and their design work by curating and creating playlists to express where their heads at these days. 

 2021- Ongoing

Some paintings from since the pandemic till now. Acrlyic, flashe, and gouache on colored canvasand wood panels

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PSU New Play Festival


Poster series made for the PSU New Play Festival during my internship at Fort Wick Studio.

Produced by PSU School of Music & Theatre

Creative Direction by Fort Wick Studio
Graphic Design by Nico Filoseta

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